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“Life isn’t always perfect. Life isn’t always easy. Life doesn’t always make sense, but that’s the beauty of life.”

One question I find myself thinking about a lot lately-“What is Life?”

Most of the time, we want things in life to be orderly and predictable. We want life to workout according to plan and be meaningful.

Tragedies are common, but we want to believe that they happen to other people and not to us or our beloved ones. We think bad things don’t happen to good people. Our expectation of life is to be fair and come with guarantees.

But then reality check creeps in. We start realizing life is not that simple. It is a roller coaster ride. We are faced with ups and downs. We are consumed with regrets, failures and insecurities that control our minds and actions. We are overwhelmed by situations we cannot change and things we wish we could take back. We experience tough decisions, threatening diagnosis, loss of a loved one, fear, betrayal, bad memories, loss of a job and being orphaned. All these changes in life affects us because we have to deal with them, which can be very difficult and painful. Things don’t work out the way we hope. We start feeling life has no meaning and it doesn’t make sense.

However, life doesn’t have to be so hard. With every up and down, we learn lessons that make us strong. We learn that what matters is how we choose to react to life and what we make out of it.

Life will never be perfect, easy or make sense, but it will always be about learning, adopting and converting all the struggles that we experience into something positive.

Always remember that life is about fighting, fighting so hard even though at times we feel we can’t take it anymore, because one day it will be worth it.

Thanks for reading.

Love and Love.

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